Now, I know winter is the time to be lazy. The weather is cold and chilly, it's the perfect time to relax at home with friends and family.

Winter is also the only time you get to enjoy a few sports - and this post is dedicated to inspire you to engage in them. Note that I'm a starter in all of them - so this is a beginner's perspective.

  • Snowshoeing - So have you ever done hiking before? Like put some sneakers on and walked a few miles? I'm pretty sure everyone has done it. Snowshoeing is nothing but hiking in the snow. You need to wear snow-shoes over your hiking shoes and off you can go. Really! It is that simple. What is delightful though is that you get the entire nature to yourself, because there's not a single soul in sight. This is the perfect time to enjoy the solitude, and listen to your own footsteps on the snow. Sheer bliss! Cannot recommend enough.
  • Snowmobiling - I'm not sure if this is a sport or a winter activity - but whatever, it is still a lot of fun. This is exactly like riding a bike on snow (similar to jet-ski which is riding a bike on water). You can ride alone or take someone along behind you - riding is definitely more fun than sitting behind. It may be a little tough to maneuver if you're skinny - but nothing too challenging. Just book a tour, and enjoy a few hours of riding in the beautiful back-country amidst the snow mountains.
  • Ice skating - Technically this is not just a winter sport because indoor ice rinks are usually open all year round. But outdoor ice rinks is really where the fun is. The thing with ice skating is - you will fall a few times, before your body adjusts itself (especially if you're a non-skater) - so be prepared. After some falls you can start slow walking and gradually move to gliding - and that's when you can feel the tiny thrill in your heart. It's so amazing to feel your feet gliding on the ice. With some practice, you should be able to skate decently - and enjoy it every winter.
  • Snowboarding - Let's get right into it the bad part. Snowboarding, especially for a beginner is not easy. You will need to take classes as it's really hard to learn on your own. You will fall a lot, and wonder why you even took it up. But if you do continue - by the end of a day or two on snow - you will be able to run down a bunny - and that perseverance is what sport is all about. Keep doing it, and you'll have a blast (and you'll even start looking forward to winters!)
  • Skiing - Alright, I've never skied at all. So why am I even talking about it? Because I feel skiing is one of the best winter sports out there, and frankly, it isn't even that hard to learn. Spend half-day with an instructor and you should be able to ski down a bunny. It's definitely do-able. Once you do get into the groove, I heard skiing is like dancing in the snow, moving your body to a beautiful rhythm. Now, don't you want to do that up high in the white snow-capped mountains?

I hope I have provided enough inspiration to try something and I'd definitely love to hear which sport you discovered this winter.