I touched briefly about this in my last blog post, but I wanted to explain in detail my experience with Wizz Air.

My first Wizz Air flight was from Lisbon to Budapest. Here are a few unusual things that I noted about this flight:

  • There was a very long line at the Wizz Air counter in the airport for checking-in and getting your boarding pass, I've never seen that long a line elsewhere (unless a flight was cancelled).
  • Wizz Air checks your carry-on when you get your boarding pass. They charge about 50$ extra if your carry-on is a stroller with wheels. If your carry-on baggage is a back-pack, you were fine. As a customer I was unaware of this, and they certainly did not make it obvious.
  • Once you get your boarding pass, you need to go to a wait area to get onto the flight. The wait-area does not have any place to sit, which means families with kids, older people and everyone has to stand and wait in a line with their carry-on baggage. I didn't see any rest-rooms there either. We waited about 45 mins in the wait-area along with the rest of the passengers.

My next Wizz Air flight was from Budapest to Stockholm. This flight was were I felt robbed.

  • We arrived at the Budapest airport a few hours before departure time planning to pick up our boarding passes from the counter (as we did in our previous Wizz Air flight)
  • The lady at the counter asked us for our boarding passes, when we informed her that we wanted to get them printed out, she directed us to Wizz Air help-desk office to get our boarding passes.
  • When we informed the guy at the help-desk office that we wanted to check-in and pick up our boarding passes, he told us that we needed to pay about 60$ per person to check-in from the airport and get our boarding passes. He mentioned that since Budapest was an airport that allowed online check-in, we should only check-in online or pay the fine of 60$ to check-in from the airport. We only had an hour or so left, so we didn't have the time to find an internet cafe that would allow us to check-in online and print our boarding passes. We were forced to pay the fine to take the flight. I was disgusted with Wizz Air after this experience.

After coming back home, I did some googling and found http://www.wizzairsucks.com/ which details more cases about the nightmare of booking or flying with Wizz Air.

Don't book Wizz Air even if you get a flight for cheap - they'll find some or other way to rob you. You've been warned.