Day 7: We were getting close to the end of our trip, and it was time to get into the ocean. We booked a snorkeling tour with Body Glove for this day, and the boat-ride started right at 10 am. It was a 45 min ride to get to Captain Cook, the famous snorkeling spot.

About 10 mins into the ride, as we finished eating breakfast on the boat, we noticed a pod of spinner dolphins in the ocean. We did not expect to see them on this trip, let alone from so close. It was exciting. Our captain mentioned that these dolphins were sleeping, and that they continue to spin even when asleep. They were super cute, but we didn't try to get closer or touch them.

The rest of the ride was pretty ok. Close to the end of the ride, we received snorkel gear and flippers from the crew. Once we reached the snorkeling spot, we got quick 5 min instructions from the crew (what to do, what not to do) - and another 5 min snorkeling 101 lesson. After this, we went right in to the ocean. The water depth beneath us was around 15-20 ft, so I wore a life jacket, and also took a noodle that helped me greatly (because I'm not really a swimmer).

As I got into the water and peered in, I could see another world underneath. There was so much life in the ocean that isn't visible to us. So many pretty corals, and you could see all the different colors where the sun's rays hit - it was super pretty. It felt like I was intruding into the ocean's private life, but yes, it was very beautiful. We snorkeled closer to the shore to see more coral varieties and some bigger sized fishes, but we were careful to not get too close to the rocks. You don't realize how time flies when you're there.

Soon enough, I had water run into my mask that I couldn't remove, so I headed back to the boat after around 35-40 mins. Oh, there was also a stingray encounter!

After having lunch on the boat, we headed back into the water again. We ventured another side and continued exploring the corals. However, I did not fix my mask well enough - so within 15-20 minutes, I had to head back. The crew informed that they were closing up as well - so I could not go back into the water again. I was a definitely surprised that our snorkeling had come to end so soon :(

Anyway, we headed back to the shore - and saw the pod of swimmer dolphins at the same spot as we did in the morning. They were still asleep and spinning like crazy! Amazing creatures. One word about the tour itself, great crew and good food. For a beginner snorkeling experience - I think it was great.

It was around 3 pm when our tour was done, so we decided to head to a beach and relax there. Beach 69 was recommended to be a good beach for beginner snorkeling, and we knew it had some shade as well - so it was ideal for us. As I entered the beach, I realized this was not a typical beach, it was more of an extended cove. There were rocks near the shore, and as you get into the water on one side, there are more rocks and corals. I did not go too in, just played with the waves a little - and headed back to the shore. I sat down under a tree, and I spend some time lazing around, relaxing and people watching. I was too tired to snorkel again, and just wanted to be lazy.

We left around sunset, and went to do some shopping at King's Shops. There was good stuff, but I did not end up buying anything. I was in the mood to eat some Indian food, so we headed to Kamana's Kitchen for dinner. The food was good, and authentic Indian. The ambience was cozy as well, and we could see and hear the waves crashing into the shore. Nice place - very soothing after a long day.

That was the end of day 7, and tomorrow was our last day of the trip - so we had nothing planned. My next post will be the last post of Hawaii - so it'll certainly be a sad one :(