Day 8: As I mentioned this was our last day of the trip. Since we did a ton of activities every day, we decided to just relax the final day.

Woke up late, and spent some time watching the ocean right in front of us - when we suddenly saw spinner dolphins far across, going in the other direction. We were genuinely surprised, and of course delighted to see them right from our rental unit. Proved to be a great place, again. Here's the link to this place - for anyone interested.

Had lunch at home (left-overs from the previous day) and then lazed around some more. We saw coconut water being sold across the street - so we went over and had a interesting conversation with the locals there. Mauna Kea is a sacred mountain for Hawaiians and there have been protests against what government intends to do there. For more details, check here. It was an interesting perspective to know and understand, which is why I mentioned it here.

Anyway, we wanted to do a fancy dinner for our last night in Hawaii - so we booked a sunset dinner at Kamuela Provision Company at Hilton. This was quite an experience. After entering Hilton, we had to walk from the centre of the hotel to an end to reach the restaurant. As we walked through, we realized that this was an entire island in itself. There were beaches, shops, the state bird Nene, pink flamingos, pools - just about everything inside Hilton itself. People can just spend their entire time here - which is quite amazing.

Anyway, coming to our dinner - we paid for a table right at the corner in front of the beach to see the sunset ($50 extra, but we also got a free champagne and appetizer each - so it was ok). The view was great, along with the champagne.

For the food - they provided me options out of the menu (since there weren't a lot of veggie options on the menu). I'd say the food was good - not great. The sea-food was fine too, not out-of-the-world amazing. The emphasis is of course on the great sunset unfolding right in front of you. It was truly beautiful.

As we finished our dinner it was past sunset, we could see a myriad of colors on the sky.

Soon after, we headed out, and went back to our place.

Our flight back was the next day morning at 9 am - so we did our packing, and left early the next day. That was Hawaii - and it was time to say Goodbye Aloha!

Few final thoughts:

  • Hawaii is an amazing place, and we'll definitely go there again. Truly Paradise. Strongly recommend anyone who's not gone there yet to do it, ASAP.
  • It is important to respect the culture of Native Hawaiians, and understand their traditions. There's a ton of history to learn - if you're interested.
  • As beautiful as Hawaii is, there's ample opportunity for tourists to spoil it. Make sure you don't make that mistake.