Travel may look glamorous, but it will kill your daily gym and exercise routine. It will all seem fine on the outside. After all, you're walking and exploring all these new places. It feels like you are getting a good workout almost every day.

What you'll miss noticing is that all the yummy food (and dessert) you're eating many times a day is calorie-heavy and unhealthy. Exploring new cuisine is one of the best things about traveling, so you don't want to skimp on your food. It's only after you come back home you realize that you actually gained weight.

And after a nice two-week vacation, how difficult is it to go back to the gym? The longer you don't exercise, the harder it gets to start again. The key is to not get such a long break, ever.

So how can you avoid this? Running is the easiest way to stay fit when you're traveling. Here's why -

  • No equipment needed - You don't need to carry anything extra like weights or mats. There is no special equipment needed to run. Yes, you need to pack your running shoes, but they can double up as walking shoes in your trip. I usually wear my running shoes in the flight, so I don't need to pack them.
  • No company needed - You don't need companionship to run. If you worry about safety, run during day-time and around the locality you know. You can simply run around the block you live. You also don't need internet to watch steps, moves or poses.
  • No training needed - So you've never gone on a run before? No worries. You don't need any special training to run. There are no rules. You determine the speed, length and intensity of your run. Listen to your body and always begin at a slow pace.

You don't need to run a marathon or a 5K to be a runner. Nor do you need to run every day OR run for a very long time. A brisk 30-min run twice a week is simple, yet effective.

The goal is get a good cardio workout, and running is an efficient way to get that. If you're unable to find the time to run, try running on the hiking trail if you're going hiking that day. Get creative on how you can incorporate running into your schedule. You won't be disappointed.

To me, running is freedom. I don't need to choose a hotel with a fancy gym and/or a pool to get a workout while on vacation.

Do you try to stay fit while you're traveling? If yes, how?