I wanted to share a map of our travel across Europe - the route we took, and how we went.

  • OAK -> ARN: We flew from Oakland international airport near San Francisco to Stockholm via Norwegian Airlines. There are some great deals offered by Norwegian in this route, and you can find tickets pretty cheap. Don't forget to check out their low fare calendar for the best dates.

  • ARN -> AMS: Our next flight from Stockholm to Amsterdam was Norwegian Airlines as well, and we left the same day. Stockholm was only a transit-stop in a way, but we did spend some time exploring the airport.

  • AMS -> LIS: After spending a few days in Amsterdam, we had a Transavia flight booked to Lisbon. This was a 3 hour flight, and not very expensive either.

  • LIS -> BUD: Our next stop was Budapest for which we took a flight as well. Unfortunately, we took Wizz Air and the experience sucked. This flight was also over 3 hours long.

  • BUD -> VIE, VIE -> BUD: We decided to change gears a little, and rented a car in Budapest for a day trip to Vienna. It was about two-and-a-half hours drive one way, and it was nice to see the country-side. Highly recommended.

  • BUD -> ARN: We spent a day more in Budapest, after which we flew back to Stockholm. This was Wizz Air again, and it was bad. The flight was short though, landed in Stockholm in less than a couple of hours.

  • ARN -> OAK: After spending some time in Stockholm, we flew back to Oakland via Norwegian Air.

I did want to take Euro-rail, but it was super expensive (saving that for my next trip to Europe). Traveling via car is fine - but it has it's own pros and cons. Of course, we felt too rushed during the trip - running from one city to another (because we never spent more than 3 days at the same place). I want to do it differently the next time though. Feedback welcome!