Below is our itinerary for a two-week trip to Costa Rica. We were there in the second and third week of December.

There is a quick description of each place and the number of days we stayed there below the map.

  1. San Jose Airport - Pretty self-explanatory, we started and ended our trip from here.
  2. Alajuela (1 night) - Stayed the first night in Alajuela, close to the airport. It's a safe residential neighborhood with quick access to/from the airport and inexpensive.
  3. La Fortuna (3 nights) - Lots of things-to-do at La Fortuna including free hot springs, so it's worth the time.
  4. Rio Celeste/Tenorio Volcano National Park - We didn't stay a night here, but spent a whole day exploring Rio Celeste. It was beautiful.
  5. Monteverde (3 nights) - One of the best experiences we had in Costa Rica. Although it's hard to get to, it IS worth the visit.
  6. Coco Beach (2 nights) - Although the beaches are pretty, it's not a unique experience. If you're visiting beaches elsewhere in your Costa Rica trip, you can skip this place.
  7. Santa Teresa (2 nights) - It's a remote surf town, so it's hard to get to, but very laid-back and non-touristy. Mostly younger crowd with a hipster vibe and certainly unique. We loved it.
  8. Manuel Antonio National Park (3 nights) - Explored the park in one day. Very popular and touristy place with gorgeous beaches. We wouldn't go back though.

In hindsight, we would've skipped Coco Beach and spent those two days in Santa Teresa. We would've saved driving time and spent more time exploring Santa Teresa and around, which was more suited to our taste, and way less touristy.

More Costa Rican content coming up real soon.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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