Oh, writing! I love it as much as I hate it. I guess that makes sense. You can only evoke such strong feelings when you are passionate about something.

I love the way how words can describe feelings, emotions and ideas. That's the basic premise of why I love to write. I love the way how, words, when arranged next to each other, make so much sense. (Likewise, when arranged next to each other in a sloppy way - words make me angry).

Writing is like peering inside another person's brain and listening to some of their thoughts. Sometimes, you discover a whole new world out there (JK Rowling's Harry Potter series is the most famous example of this).

There's a poetic beauty in the construction of some phrases that makes me go "wow". It's a delight to read and re-read them and simply appreciate their being. If you are an avid reader, I'm sure you have those phrases and sentences that stick with you long after you've finished reading. That is what makes writing aspirational.

To me, writing is one of the simplest and most effective form of communication. In some contexts, I prefer writing over talking. Writing allows me to think and respond. When I am talking, I am more likely to reply with the first thought that comes to me, which might not be the most effective. People also tend to ramble while talking, venturing into something irrelevant to the context.

But damn, it's so hard to get it right. As a writer, you don't want to over-simplify or over-complicate. You want to express everything in a crisp fashion yet not make it seem like an instruction manual. Even if you are writing an instruction manual, you want to make it memorable to the readers.

Writing is both an art-form and a way of communication. This is what makes it challenging and interesting. As an artist, the writer has to stay true with what they want to convey and how they want to convey it. The artist will have an emotional connection to the work he/she is creating. The artist's chosen words and framed sentences attempt to showcase not just meaning, but also beauty. As an artist, the writer also wants his/her words to linger around in the reader's heart.

As a way of communication, the writer needs to get the message out quickly and effectively. You want the reader to take away something after reading what you've written. You also don't want to get so much in love with your own words that you start drooling. The reader has given you some of their time (which is the most valuable thing they can give), so you have to use it well. As a writer, you want to make your point and move on.

As Stephen King said - "To write is human, to edit is divine."

Finding that balance takes time. The only thing that makes it easier to write well is to keep on writing. I know it's easier said than done, but it's the truth. Practice is the only thing that'll make it perfect.

What do you think about writing? Is it worth the effort?