Hello, curious reader! I'm Sahitya, I grew up in the coastal town of Vizag (in India), and I've been living in USA for the majority of my adult life. This blog is named after my home-town, because home is where the heart is! 🙂

The first time I boarded an airplane was in my early 20's, and I've been addicted to travel since then! Over the course of time, during my vacations, I've traveled to over 15 countries. My favorite country so far has been Iceland. I enjoy exploring the great outdoors along with historic and lively cities.

Combining my love of travel with my love of writing, I created this blog to detail our travel stories around the world. To get an overview, you can go to the complete list of all posts I've written, and dig into the places and topics you find interesting. I publish a new blog post as frequently as I can, and you can subscribe to get new posts in your inbox!

I'm a product manager by profession and I currently live in San Francisco Bay Area with my husband Chakri, who's an engineer. Besides travel, I'm also interested in fashion, financial independence and protecting the environment. So, you may find some of these topics creep into this blog.

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