Since spring has sprung, I thought this would be the perfect time to write about how to enjoy a spring weekend in North Lake Tahoe, which I've frequented in the past few months. Feel free to adapt this weekend to your needs!


Ski/Snow-board πŸŽΏπŸ‚: Because of the abundance of snow during winter this year, many ski resorts have their lifts open until July. This is the perfect opportunity to hit the slopes if you already ski or snow-board or take classes if you're still learning. Squaw and Alpine Meadows are the big resorts in Truckee area, and you can also check out smaller one's like Donner Lake. The ski resorts open at 9 am, and you should get here as early as you can for the best experience. Plan to spend at least half-day here, or a full one if you love the slopes. If mountains are not your thing, you still have plenty of options.

Bike 🚲: You can get your bike (or rent one) and explore the many bike trails around the area. I recently spotted a 20-mile bike trail from Squaw Valley to Tahoe City, alongside the Truckee River. This bike trail is separate from the regular road, so it's perfect for kids and families too. The trail is mostly flat, so it should be an easy ride along the riverside. Pack a sandwich, and you can stop alongside the route and have a nice lunch-with-a-view. This pretty trail has everything you need for a day out in the spring sunshine. If you bike leisurely, and take your time to enjoy the scenery, you will spend half-day on this trail.

SUP or Kayaking 🚣: If you love spending time on water, then rent the equipment you need and head over to one of the many beaches in the area to get onto the lake. The water may be too cold for a swim during springtime, but it is perfect for water activities that won't drench you. You can spend anywhere from 2 hours to the whole day in your water activity.

Hike or Snow-shoe: There are a ton of hiking trails in this area, and you can rent snow-shoes and hike if there's still snow around. One of the big hiking trails in this area is the Castle Peak, but there are plenty of easy and medium trails around too. You can't go wrong with a good hike, and in spring time, there's hardly anyone else on the trail. Perfect way to get a good one-on-one with nature, eh?

Snow-shoeing @ Donner Lake

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Beach Bum: If none of the above activities interest you, being a beach bum is always an option πŸ˜‰. Head to a nearby grocery store, buy some wine and cheese (or whatever your choice of alcohol and finger food is), go to a nearby beach (eg. Commons Beach), grab a table in the park overlooking the lake and enjoy your day indulged in conversation with your friends and family. I always end up doing this in the afternoon, after I'm done with my activity of the day from the morning. It feels like the best way to unwind and enjoy the lake, all for free.

Wine and Beer with a Lake View 😍


Bite American Tapas: While I've been to plenty of restaurants in the Tahoe area, Bite is amongst the top, if not the best restaurant here. It is located in Crystal Bay, Nevada, just to the east of Kings Beach. We stumbled here by accident, but loved the food. Everything from the drinks to the appetizers and entrees were fresh, inspiring and delicious. I loved the seafood, but even vegetarians have plenty of options here. Β 


While there's plenty of great accommodation in and around Tahoe, here are a couple of interesting options you didn't think of.

Yurt: If you haven't stayed in a yurt before, Tahoe would be the perfect place to experience it. It feels like a more upscale camping experience, but without unnecessary extravagance.

The inside of a Yurt @ Lake Tahoe

Camp: Tahoe is a great place to camp, because it has the best of nature – mountains, lakes, streams and even wildlife! North Lake Tahoe has little-known but scenic campgrounds right next to Truckee river like Silver Creek, Goose Creek and Granite Flat campgrounds. Book a campsite, and get a slice of nature all to yourself.

So, that's my take on spending a spring weekend in North Lake Tahoe. I hope this post inspired you to explore some activities (or not!), and enjoy North Lake Tahoe without the summer crowds.

How would you spend a spring weekend? Let's hear it in the comments below.